David Craddock is an outstanding speaker at world conferences on employee equity. His wide sweep and cogent perception illuminate and entertain audiences alike. David's authoritative books - "The ICSA Employee Share Schemes Handbook" and "Tolley's Guide to Employee Share Schemes" - have iconic status in the employee equity world. He has a compelling belief in the efficacy of employees being engaged financially in the well-being of their enterprises by means of communication as well as reward: the additional productivity is a bonus for the company. David speaks inspiringly about the familiar avenues of reward and ranges beyond them in search of ever better matches between the interests of shareholders and employees, in ways envisaged and beyond the thoughts of governments. No audience is left unmoved by David's commitment to creating a society which is more efficient, more fair and with greater rewards for all. And when the magic is over, the questions are deftly handled and supporting material prolongs and reinforces the message.
Malcolm Hurlston, Chairman of The ESOP Centre and
The European Centre for Employee Ownership

To characterise David Craddock would be to say that he has an insatiable appetite to solve business problems - for companies and for individuals alike, that he has a profound belief in his subject, that he is immensely practical in the plans that he develops, that he is highly responsive to client requests and that he is by instinct enormously respectful of everybody's place within the business with a helpful word for everyone with whom he comes into contact. My first involvement with David was when he was appointed employee share schemes and remuneration consultant to the McInerney Group in 2002. The initial assignment was to review the executive remuneration structures throughout Ireland, the UK and Spain with a view to introducing radical reform on their motivational content, particularly the executive bonus scheme which was in serious need of a new approach. At the time, my executive responsibilities extended over the whole of the business activity in Ireland. I was, therefore, able to see at first-hand how David's positive approach to finding solutions led to a scheme which strengthened the sense of unity within the team and engendered a stronger spirit of entrepreneurship for each member of the team. As a director of the McInerney plc holding company, I became aware that the roll-out of the scheme from Ireland to the UK and Spain was facilitated by David's detailed knowledge of the cultural differences between the three countries and his ability to form relationships with people from different and diverse backgrounds as he travelled throughout those three countries meeting the scheme participants. It was David's positivity and deep knowledge of employee reward matters that then led to David replacing the existing share schemes provider and introducing the inventive ideas that provided the basis for the development of the new executive share scheme, again with a highly motivational structure.
Tommy Drumm, Former Director of McInerney Construction,
Texaco Footballer of the Year in 1983 and Winner of 3 All-Ireland
Senior Football Medals for Dublin

David Craddock first worked for Croner Reward as an Associate Consultant in 1997. It became clear right from the first assignment he worked on that David had a superior grasp of both the concepts and the practicalities of reward management in the round. David's attention to detail, his professional approach to client consultation and his very deep knowledge of his specialist areas all contribute to very high quality service delivery ethic. In the time since David first engaged with our client base, he has displayed these considerable attributes in a wide variety of situations; his work has encompassed such diverse remits as the delivery of employee surveys, share scheme design and the creation of performance management frameworks alongside some excellently executed work in the fields of job evaluation and pay and grading design. Where necessary, some of this work has been delivered internationally. Finally, David has always shown a first-class entrepreneurial approach to his work and that mixed with such a deep technical knowledge is a rare but highly prized combination.
Andrew Walker, Managing Director, Croner Reward &
Clare Moorcroft, Consulting Manager, Croner Reward

I am pleased to provide a reference for David Craddock with whom I worked closely at Saatchi & Saatchi for many years when David was the employee share schemes consultant to the company. I always found David to be the consummate professional with the ability to provide solutions to challenges that arise in the management of employee share scheme arrangements in a complex international group. It was David who was responsible for the design of the all-employee arrangements and the development of the employee communications which demonstrate David's capacity to distill complicated subject matter into easy-to-understand material which can be understood across multiple countries and cultures. Indeed, David's ability to communicate his subject effectively and across cultures is well-known in the marketplace through his book publications and his presence at seminars and conferences all over the world where cultural sensitivity is of the essence. For the on-going management of the schemes, David's reports were always thoroughly comprehensive, insightful and timely and demonstrated his mastery of the subject.
Fiona Evans, Group Company Secretary & Legal, Intertek Group,
Formerly Group Company Secretary at Saatchi & Saatchi

David Craddock has advised me for some 15 years plus on the tax and financial accountability for the employee benefits that I received as a club and international rugby player and in more recent times he has continued his service to me as I have gone into coaching and management in the UK. I always feel confident that I can approach David with any issues that arise in the management of my financial affairs, knowing that he will be able to provide the solutions from his vast knowledge of how the tax systems of both the UK and New Zealand operate for expatriates. With David advising me in this way on technicalities and deadlines I always have peace of mind that my financial affairs are being properly taken care of and are in order. David goes about his work with a smile and his kindly disposition puts at ease all those who come into contact with him. He always has time within his busy schedule to address matters that arise for me and continually I am confident that his recommendations are to my best advantage.
Gary Mercer, Former New Zealand Rugby League international,
now working as a Rugby Union coach in the UK

I first met David Craddock in 2008 when I was the Deputy Company Secretary for an international company quoted on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges. I attended a seminar led by David which fully equipped me to carry out my employee share scheme duties at this publicly-quoted company. To attend one of David's seminars is an inspiring and fascinating event. David is a man of substance with an in-depth knowledge of employee share schemes and the wider array of employee benefits. Throughout the seminar, David was charismatic with a great sense of humor, charming and entirely professional. He has an amazing natural ability to empathize with each attendee at his seminars, remembering each of their names so that he can address each of them personally and engaging with any individual who puts a question to him. Furthermore, David has this capacity to instill confidence, as he did in me, in applying the subject matter to the precise circumstances of my work situation. The support material that David provides for his seminars is absolutely first-rate and contains numerous examples to illustrate the points made. Once I had completed my day's seminar training with David, I felt that I had gained not only on a professional level but on a personal level as if I had spent time with a personal mentor who had given his time to me personally.
Morag Thorpe, Chartered Secretary

The quality and professionalism of presentations and seminars from David Craddock his ability to deliver content, information and working examples in a no-nonsense, practical and very straightforward way is brilliant. The relevance of the subject matter is first-class, the delivery is thoroughly inspiring and thought-provoking and the content is totally concurrent with the most up-to-date technical information and detail. David's knowledge of the subject matter is indeed breathtaking, demonstrating that he truly is a world leading authority on his subjects. It is from David's colossal knowledge that he is able to produce a fertility of ideas and concepts that open up new avenues for debate and provide solutions to the challenges that arise in the corporate arena. No-one should be in any doubt that David's ability to inspire and engage the audience is absolutely awesome. As a member of the audience you feel as though he is addressing you personally. In this way, he invigorates and suffuses the topics such that attending one of David's seminars is truly "eye-opening" and "ground-breaking" in quality. I know that you will leave one of David's seminars with your eyes open wide.
Debbie Byrne, Human Resources Professional and Former Director

David Craddock has been a trusted consultant to the Scottish Agricultural College since 2003. His prime achievement at the College has been to advise on the introduction of a new all-employee pay and grading system and on the policies that support its implementation and operation. David has also advised on the remuneration for the executive director team and on the arrangements for the non-executive directors as well as a range of matters pertaining to corporate governance. David has been able to establish strong relationships within the organisation and shown flexibility and sensitivity in advising on the evolution of the systems to respond to changes in the organisation's structures and funding arrangements. David has always given total and complete commitment to the assignments, applying himself tirelessly to achieving solutions to major challenges in the human resources management of the organisation. I am pleased to recommend David's consultancy services to the corporate market.
Janet Swadling, Finance and Corporate Affairs Director,
Scottish Agricultural College